Why learn HTML

HTML – HyperText Markup Language is a hypertext markup language. It is used to view documents in the browser. When you open a website, your browser receives an HTML file from the server and turns the code into the interface that you see. That is, HTML will be useful for you to work with any web services.

How to become a hacker: what you need to know and be able to
This is how the page looks in HTML format

What programming languages do hackers need
In fact, the more programming languages you know, the better. A hacker needs to understand how a system or application works and what mistakes a programmer could have made when writing them.

To begin with, you can learn such languages:

C and C++. These are object-oriented programming languages. They usually begin to study object-oriented programming (OOP) itself. Servers are often written in C++, so it will be useful for a hacker to know such a language. If you master C and C++, it will be much easier to learn other object-oriented languages.
Python. It is a high-level programming language. It is often used to write backend-part of projects. Python is used to work with artificial intelligence and big data. Two large frameworks (software platforms) are also written on it. – Ed.), which are used by many websites and applications: Django and Flask.
Java. Another object-oriented language. It is usually used for writing large and large-scale projects, such as Amazon, eBay or LinkedIn.
JavaScript. This language is used for many websites, so it is useful to look for vulnerabilities and check the security of various Internet pages.
SQL. This programming language is used to work with databases (DB). And passwords and personal data are stored in the database of the site or project, which a hacker needs to crack.