Hidden network

What a hacker should know and be able to do

Unauthorized hacking of systems and programs is punishable by the Criminal Code of Ukraine, so we will only talk about “white” hackers, that is, those who help to find and eliminate vulnerabilities of networks and systems.

In order to “break” systems qualitatively, a hacker needs to know how they work, how they are created and in what programming language they are written. Most often , a hacker needs:

be able to work with UNIX systems;
know the HTML markup language;
know several programming languages;
understand how networks work;
learn cryptography.

Why should I be able to work with UNIX systems

UNIX is a family of operating systems (OS). The most popular of them are Linux, Ubuntu and macOS. The main difference between such systems is that they are multi-user and multitasking. This means that in such a system, several users can simultaneously run many tasks that will use the resources of one computer. Another important difference between UNIX systems is that they can run on almost any microprocessor.