How to become a hacker: what you need to know and be able to


A hacker is someone who finds vulnerabilities in a system, program, or network. Sometimes it can be very profitable. For example, an anonymous hacker recently found a vulnerability on the Poly Network cryptocurrency platform and was able to transfer $611 million to his account. After that, he returned all the money, received a job offer at the company he hacked, and a reward of $ 500 thousand.

What kind of hackers are there

There are several types of hackers:

“White”, or ethical hackers. These are those who are looking for vulnerabilities and hacking systems for the sake of benefit. After such a hack, the application or network can be improved and the vulnerability removed so that the data does not fall into the hands of intruders. It happens that a “black” hacker hacks into the system of some company, and then gets a job in the information security department of this company and becomes “white”. Sometimes companies themselves ask hackers to “break” their systems – this is called bug bounty. So, for example, they did in “Dia”.
“Black” hackers. They hack into systems to get money, steal confidential data, or spread virus programs. It’s dangerous and illegal.
“Gray” hackers. They are somewhere between “white” and “black”. For example, they may find a vulnerability in some system and offer the company to fix it for some payment.
“Green” hackers. This is the name of inexperienced specialists who are just learning to look for vulnerabilities and hack something.
“Red” hackers. They look like ethical ones because their goal is to stop the attacks of “black” hackers. But, unlike ethical ones, “red” hackers can use illegal hacking methods.