Why understand how networks work

In order for a website, application, or some kind of system to work on the Internet, they need to be “placed” on the network. And to do this, you need to know what TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP and others protocols are. A hacker needs to be able to distinguish one network from another, understand the characteristics […]


Why learn HTML

HTML – HyperText Markup Language is a hypertext markup language. It is used to view documents in the browser. When you open a website, your browser receives an HTML file from the server and turns the code into the interface that you see. That is, HTML will be useful for you to work with any […]

Hidden network

What a hacker should know and be able to do

Unauthorized hacking of systems and programs is punishable by the Criminal Code of Ukraine, so we will only talk about “white” hackers, that is, those who help to find and eliminate vulnerabilities of networks and systems. In order to “break” systems qualitatively, a hacker needs to know how they work, how they are created and […]


How to become a hacker: what you need to know and be able to

  A hacker is someone who finds vulnerabilities in a system, program, or network. Sometimes it can be very profitable. For example, an anonymous hacker recently found a vulnerability on the Poly Network cryptocurrency platform and was able to transfer $611 million to his account. After that, he returned all the money, received a job […]

Anonymity Online

The popular Android application

“Internet Accelerator”, in English Web Explorer – Fast Internet, which was downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play, turned out to be dangerous for users. But this is not a virus, but a legitimate application. The problem is that the developers have not encrypted the Firebase database in which user data is stored. […]